Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2
Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2
Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2
Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2
Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2
Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2

    Dr Watson 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods x 2

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    Dr Watson is the most trusted and respected cannabis brand in the world. Working with Chief Scientist Dr Richard Watson PhD at DR WATSON, they have developed the highest quality CBD products you can buy.

    Their mission is not to just raise the standard for the industry, but to set it - by being the world leader in quality, consistency and traceability from seed to shelf.

    2 x 120mg CBD Vape Kit Pods

    - Flavours and natural terpenes
    - 120mg 6% CBD per pod
    - GMP certified US-grown CBD
    - Nicotine free
    - Manufactured in pharmaceutical-grade facilities

    Berry Kush
    A unique blend of forest berries and OG Kush. Heavier on the terpenes for those who like the subtle taste of cannabis, but light enough to be enjoyed by those who prefer fruitiness. Rich, powerful, a perfect blend of earthiness and fruit.

    Ice Peach
    Dr Watsons’ favourite. Georgia (USA) has a 150-year heritage for growing the world’s juiciest peaches, where Dr Watson's hemp and CBD is farmed

    Wild Mint
    This wild mint has a great mix of flavour and coolness, without being overpowering.

    Amalfi Lemon
    The Amalfi coast makes some of the best lemons in the world. Just like a sweet coastal breeze, this zesty lemon flavour will deliver you Italian summer wherever you may be. Subtle Lemon Haze terpenes.

    Brazilian Mango
    Mango is loved round the world and this naturally flavoured vape liquid is second to none.

    Ingredients: PG and VG base liquid, Flavourings, CBD Isolate (60mg/ml) & Terpenes

    THC content<0.2%

    Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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