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Are you puzzled on how to manage your CBD dose?


 As CBD is growing In popularity and more people are realising the potential benefits it has, they can feel buried with information like what strengths to pick and the types of products available.

Everyone has a sweet spot. That's why we recommend starting off at a lower dose (2-6 drops), listening to your body and taking it from there.

You’ve got to experiment to find your optimal dosage. There isn’t an exact science to knowing what’s right for you, so increase it each week until you’re happy with the results.

Some people have said taking CBD in the morning helps with their energy levels and puts them in an amazing mood for work, but taking it in the evening makes it harder for them to sleep. In contrast others have said the opposite.


What to think about when taking CBD?

Establishing the best CBD dosage normally depends on these factors.

Concentration is the potency of CBD in any given product. The unit of measurement is in milligrams (mg). This indicates the amount of CBD per serving. For example, a bottle of CBD tincture is 1000mg and is in a 10 millilitre bottle (10ml), with 1ml as the serving size. This would indicate that each 1ml serving will approximately contain 100mg of CBD. The consumer will not be ingesting the 1000mg each dosage.

Body weight:
Like all things body weight plays a big part when it comes to how much or little CBD will affect the body. Generally heavier people will need larger doses to experience the tranquil effects, and the same on the other hand.

Once you start consuming CBD your body may build a tolerance to it. Once again a higher dose will be needed to create the preferred effects.

Using the variables above you should be able to determine a good starting dosage of CBD.