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How CBD Oil Can Help Relieve Back Pain

by HermesHemp Admin on October 08, 2020

 Why use CBD oil for back pain? The normal treatment is potent painkillers depending on the severity of the pain. These can result in addiction. However, when you use CBD for back pain, you can receive all the benefits without the drawback of the dependency or side effects. Therefore, showing us that CBD oil can become an alternative option of treatment for back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Over 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, primarily lower back pain. This can last anything from a few days (acute pain) to years (chronic pain). Since 1990, there has been an increase of a shocking 54% in years lived with the disability caused by back pain. 

Back pain happens for multiple reasons, which we will uncover below. We will also take a deeper dive into how CBD can help chronic back pain. 

The UK health service approximately spends more than £100 million per year on pain treatment. What if there was a natural solution at our fingertips? 


What is back pain?

Back pain can be described in a number of ways, such as burning, constant, sharp or dull, or throbbing. Discomfort can spread into the arms and hands as well as the feet or legs, which may include pins and needles, numbness or weakness in the arms and legs.  You could get back pain from an accident, inactivity, or lifting something heavy.

To learn more about the issue, we must first understand the construct of the back. Pain is commonly found in the lower region of the back, which includes the five vertebrae called lumbar regions. Professionals refer to them as L1-L5. This mostly supports the upper body’s weight. There are intervertebral discs between the vertebrae, which are strong outer ring fibres and act as shock absorbers that support your bones while you're active. 

Tissues called ligaments hold the vertebrae in place, as well as tendons attaching your back muscle to your spinal column. There are a total of 31 pairs of nerves embedded in the spinal cord. This controls your body’s movement and sends signals to the brain.



What causes back pain 

Most back pain is rooted from wear and tear, however there are many more causes. Common reasons for back pain include:


Back pain can come from strain, injury or tension. Most causes of back pain are: 

  • Damaged discs 
  • Injuries, falls or fractures 
  • Muscle tension 
  • Strained ligaments or muscles 

Tasks that tend to accompany spasms or strains are: 

  • Improper lifting techniques 
  • Moving quick and awkwardly 
  • Lifting an object that is way too heavy 


Structural problems 

Several structural problems may result in back pain.

  • Arthritis: in some cases, can cause the space around the spinal cord to narrow. This is known as spinal stenosis 
  • Bulging discs: this is very much like a ruptured disc however a bulging disc can result in immense pressure on a nerve 
  • Kidney problems: kidney stones or infection can result in back pain
  • Osteoporosis: bones like vertebrae become brittle making fractures more likely 
  • Ruptured discs: as each vertebra is cushioned by discs, if one ruptures it will put more pressure on the nerve which in turn means back pain
  • Sciatica: pressure on the sciatic nerve which is potentially caused by tight muscles or herniated discs that creates a sharp shooting pain that travels down the leg or arms.
  • Scoliosis: a hereditary condition that curves the spine to the side. 


Posture and Activity 

Another cause of back pain can be very poor posture and daily activities. Some examples are:

  • Coughing or sneezing.
  • Bending over awkwardly for a while
  • Nonstop driving sessions, even if you're not hunched over
  • Over stretching
  • Pulling, pushing, lifting, or carrying heavy objects
  • Twisting
  • Sitting or standing for long periods 
  • Straining your neck forward, like when you're at a desk or driving.
  • Sleeping on a tough mattress that does not support your body to keep the spine in alignment.


Treatment for back pain

Undoubtedly, we need something to treat back pain. Worldwide it is the largest factor of disability and halts people from doing everyday activities and working. Treatment can be complicated, entailing management of pain using ice and heat, lifestyle changes, physical therapy and even surgery. 

Medication is also used to handle back pain. The most common medications include aspirin, inflammatory medications and acetaminophen. In rare cases even opioids may be prescribed for a short period. 

Back surgery is an option however it’s very rare that people need it. You should only think about surgery if you have relentless pain that’s radiating into leg pain. Furthermore, people are finding it an option with progressive muscle weakness due to nerve compression. Some surgery types are:

  • Discectomy 
  • Laminectomy 
  • Spinal fusion
  • Artificial disk insertion

If having surgery doesn’t feel like a good option, then you should consider CBD oil for back pain. 


CBD oil for back pain

More peer-reviewed research is needed however numerous research papers have shown CBD to be a safe alternative with analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties among many others. CBD also helps ease neuropathic pain. Therefore, it can help diminish pack pain due to multiple distinct reasons without and side effects in the future. 

A study conducted by the journal of experimental medicine back in 2012 found that CBD was essential in the suppression of both neuropathic and inflammatory chronic pain in mice. This evidence suggests CBD could be a safe and effective method for controlling chronic pain.

Likewise, another study published in the 2015 edition of the journal Neurotoxicology, found CBD restrains glutamate levels in the brain and spinal cord, which is correlated with increased sensation of pain transmission. 

Disc degeneration is a key contributor to chronic lower back pain. A study on rats given CBD with intervertebral disc lesion could help protect against induced intervertebral disc degeneration. This was due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperalgesia properties of CBD. 

CBD blocks most pro-inflammatory arbitrators and decreases the migration of neutrophils. Hence it effectively reduces inflammation. Stimulation of the immune response can also help protect from disc degeneration. 


Should I use CBD for back pain

There are plenty of ways to consume CBD for back pain. CBD oil tinctures are amongst the most popular ways of taking it because they are easy to use. Hold a few drops under your tongue for 30-120 seconds, and then swallow. CBD is absorbed into the body quickly through this method, by you enabling the sublingual gland. The result is an increased rate of bioavailability than if you consumed cannabis oil orally as you would with capsules.  

In general, CBD topicals are an amazing option for back pain. You apply lotion or cream into the part of the body that hurts. You get aimed at localised relief. Many people have reported this way to be highly effective when treating the painful area. 


Final thoughts on CBD oil for back pain 

Research is still ongoing, however there are enough positive results to date. Back pain is on the rise due to increased inactivity, unhealthy habits, change in posture etc. It can be created by many different factors including injury and systemic disorders. 

Pure and high-quality CBD oil can be used by people of all ages in order to ease back pain, and overall experience comfort. There are plenty of ways to consume CBD oil and it can easily be a part of your daily routine/ lifestyle.

We always recommend talking to a health specialist before taking CBD to see if it’s the right match for you.