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Celebrities That Use CBD

by Kyriaco Charalambous on May 04, 2022


Interest in CBD-infused products has swept across the globe recently. There are millions of CBD users alone in the United States. Some people can't go a day without hearing about what stars in Hollywood are doing. Whether they are selling a lip balm or promoting a new luxury car, people follow the celebrities. 

A new area that is gaining momentum is celebrities promoting and using CBD products. The massive influx of celebrity interest in CBD is not surprising. The CBD industry is profitable and falls in line with the current wellness and health trend, the two things celebrities can get enough of. This list keeps growing from Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian to Drake and Snoop dog.

Is celebrity interest in the CBD industry a good thing? Are celebrity CBD brands better than regular ones? Which celebrity is offering decent CBD products? Here is what you need to know about CBD and celebs.


Celebrities Who Use CBD

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anniston needs no introduction. She is a famous film producer and actress. She is known to use CBD for dealing with anxiety and depression. She uses the relaxation properties of THC-free CBD products to keep calm and control her nerves. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a popular media personality who is also a huge fan of CBD and its products. She says that CBD has helped her overcome her feelings, especially during her law school time. She is a model, actor, and successful businesswoman, which means stress is her way of life. She uses CBD topicals like creams and lotions to relax and restful sleep. Interestingly her latest baby shower was also CBD-themed, and CBD oil was offered to each of the guests in the event. 

Martha Stewart 

Martha Stewart, a successful businesswoman, and TV personality, also uses topical CBD products to seek relief from her aching tendons. She says that it's pretty effective, and she has made it a part of her daily life. She looks forward to collaborating with a CBD company and coming up with CBD-infused products for pets. 

Tom Hanks

Well, who doesn't know Tom Hanks? The talented actor has diabetes type two. He initially started using it for anxiety and stress but found it to be quite helpful for pains caused by the disease he was suffering from. He is also working with Cornell University to find out the benefits of CBD for diabetes and mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

She is also an author and businesswoman who own a wellness brand known as 'Goop.' She is also a CBD protagonist who is one first celebrity to use CBD. She advocates the use of CBD oil and tinctures, which are pretty effective for specific health issues. 

The Trailer Park Boys

The trailer Park boys are famous Canadian entertainment entrepreneurs who have collaborated with OrganiGram to promote the medical use of CBD and Cannabis. Even though there is almost unknown to the rest of the world, it is pretty famous in Canada. They are currently focusing on the branding and packaging of OrganiGram.


Aubrey Drake Graham is a famous rapper, businessman, songwriter, and producer based in Toronto. He is a protagonist of CBD and its products and has also decided to launch his own cannabis business. His company, 'More Life Growth Company,' will be centering on extracts and herbal teas to improve health and help with various disorders. 



Dancers and choreographers often have a hard time with their aching feet, heels, and ankles. Mandy Moore also wanted to seek relief from pain and discomfort. She uses topical CBD products, which easily get absorbed in the skin and offer quick relief. The analgesic properties of CBD make it a perfect remedy for muscular pain.


Morgan Freeman is known for his fantastic narration, but he is also famous as a producer and actor. He was severely injured during a car crash in 2008, after which he used cannabis. He has been a cannabis advocate ever since as he developed fibromyalgia and uses cannabis and CBD products for muscle pain. He also encourages the use of other plant-based medicines. 


The actress has been quite explicit about her interest in CBD products. She recommends using CBD for various mental illnesses. CBD is a great option to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and pain. She uses CBD-infused lotion to seek relief from muscle soreness that occurs after the gym. 

 Emma Roberts

 Emma Roberts is a famous singer and actress who also suffered a tragic car accident and started using CBD and cannabis products after it. She used Instagram to describe the benefits of CBD for pain and discomfort. She claims the CBD bath offers her relaxation. 


Dakota Johnson


Dakota Johnson gained fame from the popular series 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' She also loves to use CBD for her sleep issues, especially during flights. Sleep is essential to stay fresh and active throughout her professional commitments. She prefers sublingual use of CBD for quick results and enjoys a deep sleep during her journey in the air. 



Final Thoughts

The ever-increasing popularity of CBD products has led many celebrities into the CBD and cannabis business. It also increases the general public's interest; however, it is recommended that you do your own research and adequately investigate a product before using it. You should always check for third-party testing and certificate of analysis to make sure the product is safe and reliable to be used for health issues.